Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

It is the responsibility of all landowners, (including Council) through sound fire prevention practices, to ensure that their land is cleared of fuel loads and homes are protected in the event of a bushfire.

Not only has Council a responsibility to ensure its own assets are protected in the event of bush fire it also has a statutory obligation under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 to ensure the reduction and management of fire risk throughout the area covered by the Tatiara District Council.

Please take the opportunity to view the information contained on this page. If you have any queries regarding Fire Prevention please don't hesitate to contact our Fire Prevention Officer, Adrian Packer on 08 8752-1044.

Prepare Your Property for the Fire Danger Season

Council emphasise the importance of undertaking necessary fire prevention measures for the safety of your family, pets and property.

Due to high amounts of rainfall this year, fuel loads will be at extreme levels and taking action now will assist in making your home safer in the event of a fire.

Mowing or slashing vacant land (to approx 10cm/4 inches)

  • Cut grass (to approx 10cm/4 inches) within 20 metres of all buildings
  • Cut grass (to approx 10cm/4 inches) within 5 metres of all structures
  • Remove dead branches, leaves and undergrowth from around your home
  • Prune tree limbs less than two metres above ground
  • Prune branches overhanging your home
  • Remove bark, heavy mulch, wood piles and any other flammable materials close to your home and sheds
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Spark proofing your home

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