Strategic Planning

Council's Role in Strategic Planning

Council's Strategic Management Plan sets out the direction of Council for the next three years and has been developed in consultation with many sectors of the Tatiara Community.

The Strategic Management Plan is not a fixed document as it will have to change as circumstances change. We would welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments on the plan at any time.

The ongoing development of the Tatiara community has always been a priority of Council which believes that the development of this plan and the associated Annual Business Plan will further strengthen our commitment to this goal.  The plan sets out a Vision, Mission and a number of Values as listed below:


"A vibrant, prosperous and connected community building its own opportunities"


Accountability - We share information frequently and are transparent in our decisions. We are accountable for our actions and manage tough situations with openness and frankness.

Leadership - We lead by example and demonstrate the courage to do what is right. We dare to explore new opportunities and challenge the way ‘things have always been done’.

Respect - We work together to build strong relationships with each other, our community and our other stakeholders. We show consideration for one another and embrace each other’s differing perspectives to make better decisions.

Integrity - We model ethical behaviour in all our words and actions. Our interactions with others are based on honesty and trust.

Community - We are committed to our community and will reflect our community’s aspirations. We will ensure that all members of our community are able to contribute and be heard.

To view the current Strategic Management Plan and Annual Business Plan click on the links below.

Strategic Plan 2020-2030

2020-21 Annual Business Plan