Changes to South Australia’s Planning System from State Government

Effective 31 July 2020, a new planning system – PlanSA – applies across South Australia’s outback and rural areas.  PlanSA includes the new Planning and Design Code and associated ePlanning platform for South Australia, replacing hard copy council development plans and the manual processing of development applications.

This means that Council is no longer able to accept development applications submitted using the current Tatiara District Council Development Application Form under the 1993 Development Act and 2008 Planning Regulations.

Instead, the new planning system facilitates online lodgement for development applications.  You can now submit and track your application online at To use the PlanSA lodgement system, you will first need to register for an online account:

If you are still wanting to lodge your development application by email, post or in person, an additional processing fee will be charged for uploading the development application into the planning system on your behalf.  If you are lodging by email, post or in person at the Bordertown or Keith Council Offices, you will also need to download and print the statutory forms from PlanSA and complete them as an attachment to your application.  All forms are available at

If you require assistance specific to the online lodgement of development applications, please visit, email or call the PlanSA Service Desk on 1800 752 664.

The Planning and Design Code (the Code) is the cornerstone of South Australia’s new planning system. The Code will replace all development plans from every SA Council to become a single, State-Wide consistent source of planning policy for assessing development applications across the state.

Guide to Rural Areas Planning and Design Code

If you have enquiries or are seeking advice regarding planning or building within Tatiara District Council area, please continue to contact our Development Team on 8752 1044 or email

Thank you for your patience as we continue to update our website to reflect the new Planning and Design Code and associated ePlanning platform for South Australia.

Video Tutorials from DPTI

Flyer from DPTI

Development and Planning

"Building work" means the erection, construction, underpinning, alteration of, addition to or demolition of any building or structure.

It includes:

  • New buildings
  • Alterations and extensions to existing buildings
  • Garages, carports, toolsheds etc. greater in area than 10m2 and the building height being over 2.5 metres above natural ground level (click here for a fact sheet)
  • Pergolas if roofed (polycarbonate or steel)
  • Swimming Pools

What Development Requires Approval

The Development Act advises that no development can be undertaken unless it has the approval of the relevant planning authority, which in most cases is Council. This means that any "development" or "building work" as defined above requires formal Development Approval.

Septic Tank Approval

Click here for a 2020-21 Septic Tank Application Form, or for further information contact the Director of Development & Environmental Services at the Tatiara District Council Office on (08) 8752 1044

Development Assessment Panel

Council is in the process of establishing a Regional Assessment Panel.

Places of Local Heritage Value

Council,  in its recent budget has an allocation of funds that are to be used on Local Heritage listed properties.  These funds are used for conservation and restoration works on heritage properties.  Up to $2,000 may be applied for subject to meeting Local Heritage incentive scheme guidelines, with any funding being matched equally by the landowner.

In addition to the Heritage Grant Scheme, owners are also entitled to free professional heritage advice from Richard Woods, Council's Heritage Adviser.  Advice is available for a range of projects such as alterations and additions, restoration of stonework, verandahs, roofs and fencing as well as general information on suitable materials, colours and construction techniques.

An application form for the Heritage Grant Scheme is included in the below 'Local Heritage Grant Scheme Guidelines & Policy' document.