Rural Addressing

Rural Addressing

Tatiara District Council has introduced Rural Property Addressing across the municipality with the assistance of the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), for the benefit of the broader community. This initiative has the support of the Country Fire Service, State Emergency Service, SA Police, SA Ambulance Service, community groups and essential service providers.

The distance based numbering system quickly tells emergency service personnel or anyone trying to find the property how many metres it is from the start of the road and on which side of the road the property entrance is located. This system replaces the RAPID, RSD, RMB and Lot number systems, providing one consistent address for use by Australia Post, Emergency Services, service providers, family and friends.

The new rural addressing system has been implemented in the Tatiara with the installation of rural address signs and new road name fingerboards. The new road name fingerboards will now also include the address range below the road name.

If you require information about your property, please contact Council Engineering Department on 8752 1044 or via email

Gazettal of Road Names

The new road names have been officially gazetted and a copy of the Rack Plan 986 can be viewed by clicking here or is available for viewing at the Bordertown and Keith Council offices.

Road Network

Council believes Local Government has a right and responsibility to construct, develop and maintain local access roads. Council aims to provide a district road network that will provide reasonable access to all properties.

Council uses a road deficiency formula to determine road priorties taking the following matters into consideration.

a)    condition of the road

b)    road usage

c)    length of time that the properties, served by the road have been settled

d)    council recognises that the road system is an asset

Council will not form, construct or maintain carriageways on unmade roads unless such work is included in Council's Works Programme for the current financial year.

Alteration to Roads and Verges

Pursuant to Section 221 of the Local Government Act 1999, “Alteration to Road”, property owners are required to apply to Council to alter any part of a road or road verge (property boundary to property boundary). These works included, tree planting/landscaping, pipe or other service utility installations. Applications can be made to Council by filling in the form, providing plans and supporting photographs, click here to access the application form.

Crossing Places/Entrances

Council will no longer provide vehicle crossovers/entrances for properties and will be the responsibility of property owners. Pursuant to Section 221 of the Local Government Act 1999, “Alteration to Road”, property owners are required to apply to Council to install a crossover to their property.

In rural areas the following shall apply:

The provision of crossovers to all rural properties shall be the responsibility of the landholder. Should Council vary the horizontal or vertical alignment of any road, it shall be responsible for reinstating crossovers to all properties abutting the road providing such crossover was in existence prior to re-construction of such road.

Crossovers over drains to private property shall be the responsibility of the landholder. The design of all such crossings shall be approved by Council's Director Infrastructure & Operations or Technical Officer.  Click here for an application form.

Vegetation Clearance on Road Sides

Clearance of native vegetation is not permitted on any of Council road verges unless consent has been given by Council or the Native Vegetation Council. However, land owners are permitted to clear fence lines and maintain vehicle access tracks within certain guidelines. What can and cannot be undertaken is set out in Council’s recently reviewed Roadside Vegetation Management Plan. A copy of the plan is available on this website under Council Documents/Policies

Any property owner undertaking this type of activity should seek advice either from Council or the Native Vegetation Council prior to undertaking works.

For information regarding collection of firewood from roadsides, please  click on the following link: Firewood Collection from Roadside(269 kb)

Closing Roads

Prior to Council making any decision regarding road closure an advertisement will be inserted into the local paper describing the nature of the closure and inviting any interested persons to express their views on the proposal. The advertisement will be published at least four weeks prior to the date of the Council meeting at which the proposed closure will be considered. See Council's Public Consultation Policy

Overdimensional Vehicles Clearance

Restricted Access and Overdimensional Vehicles Clearance Certificate

Within Tatiara District District Council there are Federal, State, Local Government and private roads that are traversed everyday by a wide range of vehicles.

There are state regulations that apply to vehicles that do not fall in the class of general Access Heavy Vehicles such as cranes, B-Doubles, Low Loaders and they require a permit to access the roads owned and managed by the local authority.

There are also roads that have been gazetted throughout the state that allow a certain type of vehicle such as a B-Double, controlled access bus to traverse them that don't require a permit.

Those restricted vehicle owners (persons/businesses – the Applicant) should follow a simple two-step process in order to obtain permit to access roads within Tatiara District Council area. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1 :  The Applicant should apply to the Council through an application for the Clearance Certificate for restricted access/over-dimensional vehicles which will be assessed for approval.
  • Step 2 :  The Applicant should forward the Clearance Certificate issued by the Council to The Department of planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI) for assessment in order to obtain a permit.

The overall aim of both State and Local Governments is to provide a safer road environment for all road users, efficient operation of vehicles and the free flow of traffic without imposing undue wear and tear on the road system or damaging infrastructure.

Tatiara District Council aims to assist the applicants as efficiently as possible to apply for a permit. For all other information and the Clearance Certificate application form please contact:

Phone: 08 8752 1044

Please send completed form to:


Click here to download a Restricted Access and Overdimensional Vehicle Clearance Certificate application form.