Stubble Burning

Stubble burning with Grassland Fire Danger Index (GFDI) of 25

The table below calculates the average wind speed+ (kilometres per hour) for different temperature (degrees Celsius) and relative humidity (RH) combinations that equate to a Grassland Fire Danger Index (GDFI) of 25.

Stubble burning* must cease for periods when the average wind speed for a particular combination is exceeded.

Index table

Is the wind speed too high for me to undertake my stubble burning right now?

Example of a day with temp - 240C and relative humidity of 23%:

  1. Temperature = 240C (round up to 250C)
  2. Relatively humidity (RH) = 23% (round down to 20%)
  3. For the above combination of Temp & RH, stubble burning must cease when the average wind speedis greater than 29 kph.

*  Stubble burning cannot take place unless a permit is obtained from your local Council and the conditions are right. Please check with your local   Council regarding start dates for stubble burning permits in your area. 

+ Wind speed average over 10 minutes

Click here to access Native Vegetation Council Information sheet regarding Stubble Burning and Protection of Scattered Trees and Remnant Vegetation.

Click here to access the Reducing Harvester Fire Risk Back Pocket Guide

Any person wishing to light a fire during the above period should seek advice before doing so as severe penalties apply to illegal fires.

For more specific information concerning fire prevention, contact Council's Fire Prevention Officer, Adrian Packer or the CFS website at