Animal Control

Landscape Officers

A network of Landscape officers located across the Limestone Coast Board region ensures early detection and rapid response to pest incursions. Landscape Officers can assist landholders with their pest plant or animal management and ensure landholders are fulfilling their obligations under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019.

This Act states that it is the responsibility of the landholder to control pest plants and animals on their property. The Act allows Landscape Boards to recover the cost of controlling roadside pest plants and pest animals from adjoining landholders. Landowners must also undertake responsible sale or movement of pest animals and ensure that farm produce or machinery movement is free of contamination by pest plant material.

Landscape Officers are here to help and pride themselves on their knowledge, expertise and strong relationships with local landholders, industry and the community. They can assist with a variety of pest management issues. Please note that some services provided, may be fee-for-service.

Landscape Officers can provide:

  • Information such as weed identification or explaining your responsibilities
  • Advice on pest control such as best eradication methods or best time of year to control a pest.
  • Publications and factsheets
  • Provision of 1080 or Pindone bait products and resources for pest animal control
  • Bio-control technical advice

For further advice or assistance with pest plant or animal control matters, contact our Landscape Office’s at Keith 8755 1620 or Mt Gambier 8735 1204.

For more information on each of our Landscape Officers, their focus and their contact details, download the Landscape Officer Contact Sheet