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Tatiara Coorong Local Action Plan

Sustainability, Agriculture and the Environment



Key Focus Areas

The priority issues the Tatiara and Coorong Local Action Plan are currently addressing are;

  • Biodiversity Protection and Enhancement
  • Supporting Sustainable Agriculture
  • Providing up to date information on Water Security Technologies
  • Supporting Farm Businesses through dry seasons
  • Addressing Wind Erosion and Dryland Salinity
  • On Ground Works Incentives Programs
On Ground Works Incentives Programs

Steadily increasing levels of landholder participation in the on-ground works program has been a highlight of the LAP's success, with more than two thirds of the areas landholders being actively involved in more than 200,000 ha of on-ground works projects. The LAP's on-ground works program has been able to deliver up to 80% of all external funding on-ground. This is due to the large scale of the project and the considerable support of the Tatiara and Coorong District Councils.

The Tatiara Coorong LAP has worked closely with the community to identify our priority issues, develop a range of recommended land management and biodiversity enhancement options, and implement these on the ground. Alone, no single landholder can solve these problems, but with a district wide effort we can make a real difference.

Priority issues; Biodiversity Enhancement, Dryland Salinity, Wind Erosion, and Sustainable Agriculture.

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Community Engagement
  • Strong links with the Upper South East and Mallee Coorong Natural Resources Management Groups
  • Events: Field Days, Tours and Forums
  • Displays annually at the Moot Yan Gunya Festival - Mundulla, Karoonda Farm Fair, Keith and Coonalpyn Agricultural Shows
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Education support to our local schools
  • Supporting Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental events of other groups eg. Ag Bureaus, Industry Groups etc
  • Ongoing support to the River Murray Youth Council


Mundulla Primary School Bush Tucker

Learning about bush tucker with Mundulla Primary School


Animals Anonymous Mundulla Show

Biodiversity education with Animals Anonymous at the Moot Yan Gunya Festival


Tatiara Coorong Local Action Plan - History

The Coorong District Local Action Plan (LAP) Committee was formed in 1995, following the completion of the Coorong District Soil Conservation Board's District Plan. The initial focus of the Committee was to prepare a plan that addresses the areas priority NRM issues as indicated in the Soil Board's District Plan.

The LAP was produced in 1997 and reviewed in 2000 following extensive community consultation.

The implementation of the LAP commenced in 1997, with the aid of Natural Heritage Trust and later National Action Plan funding, and aimed to address land management and environmental issues by:

  • Controlling groundwater recharge through the broad scale planting of deep rooted perennial plants,
  • Conserving and enhancing biodiversity through the protection of remnant native vegetation and wetlands and extensive revegetation using local native species,
  • Supporting and promoting sustainable agricultural productivity which maintains and enhances the long-term productive capacity and environmental health of the land,
  • Improving groundwater management.
  • Empowering the community through education and awareness about natural resource management issues.
  • Provision of professional support to community NRM groups and individuals.
Coorong LAP cover


The Coorong District Local Action Plan was reviewed and updated in 2000, and again in 2012 with the support of Commonwealth Strengthening Basin Communities Funding. Since the 2000 Plan Review issues such as climate change and water security have become national priorities. There have been significant changes to legislation including the introduction of the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Act in 2004, and the subsequent introduction of NRM Boards and Groups.

The Coorong District Local Action Plan was last updated in 2012 with the support of Strengthening Basin Communities Funding. This Plan can be viewed by clicking the link below.

The engagement of Local Government has been a leading factor in the success of the LAP, and is seen as the ideal partnership for other LAP'S and catchment groups to pursue. The Coorong District Local Action Plan Committee is a Section 41 Committee of the Coorong District Council.


 TAP lap cover

To this end, in 2010 the Tatiara and Coorong District Councils were successful in obtaining $2.158 million from the Commonwealth Caring for our Country Program to roll out a four year project focussing on sustainable agriculture and biodiversity across both Council areas.

This gave rise to the establishment of the Tatiara Local Action Plan Committee in 2010, a Section 41 Committee of the Tatiara District Council. The Tatiara LAP Committee guided the preparation of the first Tatiara Local Action Plan with then Chairman Adrian Barber as the as the principal author.


Funding Sources

The financial and in kind support from the Tatiara and Coorong District Councils to the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan Team and Committees is absolutely vital to the ongoing success of this organisation.

The Tatiara Coorong Local Action Plan has secured funding from the Commonwealth Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund Rounds 1 and 2. This funding will finish in June 2017.

These projects enable the implementation of targeted projects in the area of biodiversity enhancement.

The Coorong Local Action Plan has continued to secure funding from the South Australian Murray Darling Basin NRM Board from the Community Engagement Grants Program and the NRM Connecting Communities Grants.



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