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The South East Natural Resources Management Board was established to eradicate vermin animals and exercise animal and plant control in the district. There are two authorised officers located in the district at Bordertown and Keith. Neville Staude can be contacted at the Bordertown Office on 8752 2964 or Mobile 0417 859 080. Tony Richman can be contacted at the Keith Office on 8755 1083 or on Mobile 0418 893 165. Both the Bordertown and Keith offices are located at the Council Depots in the respective townships.

The Animal and Plant Control Act 1986 requires that the Board ensure effective measures to destroy or control proclaimed plants on road reserves are carried out and recover costs from the owners of adjoining land.

Officers authorised by the Board carry out inspections of land in the area to ensure the provisions of the act are complied with. Where necessary legal notices may be issued outlining measures necessary to meet the requirements set down in the Act. Failure to comply with a legal notice may result in the Board effecting the requirements at the owners expense or prosecution.

Landowner Responsibilities

Are you aware of them? Do you know your responsibilities?

1. To maintain control of proclaimed animals on your land and half width adjoining roadside.

2. To control or eradicate proclaimed plants where applicable.

3. Prevent the spread of proclaimed plants by exercising caution when buying, selling or moving stock and fodder. The same caution to be exercised when transporting, buying or selling new and old farm machinery and implements.

4. Exercise caution when spraying.

5. When undertaking own control measures the use of marker dye with spray will avoid possible duplication, alternatively contact your local officer after completion.

Board Services and Equipment.

To help and advise we provide a:

  • Contract bait laying service
  • Contract Spraying
  • Rabbit mixing service
  • Fumigator hire
  • Ripper hire
  • Advice on all aspects of control
  • Fox Off baits - Fox bait poisoning (Poisonous substance, poisons baits must be carried and stored in water tight containers, BYO).

Board Policies

Buffer Zone

1. Where circumstances dictate, buffer zones of minimum of 10 metres are required by the South East Natural Resources Management Board.

2. Infested properties adjoining "clean" land are required to implement buffer zone boundaries.

The above policy has been slightly varied in the hundreds of Neville, Landseer, Duffield and Wells.

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