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Sustainability, Agriculture and the Environment


Welcome to the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan web pages. On these pages we provide information about who we are, our history, and our focus on Sustainability, Agriculture and the Environment. We also aim to provide regularly updated information on; events, on ground works incentives, newsletters, fact sheets and articles. We also provide a focus on arising issues like water security, and responding to dry conditions.

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Articles Fact Sheets Presentations


Fact Sheets - Soils

     EM38, Soil Moisture Probes, and Soil Variability Fact Sheet

     Soil Pit Field Day in the Coomandook Area 2015

     CSIRO Upper South East soil characterisation 


Fact Sheets – Bridal Creeper Control

     Bridal Creeper Spore Water fact sheet

    Bridal Creeper leafhopper fact sheet


Fact Sheet – Spiny Rush vs Sea Rush

     Spiny Rush vs Sea Rush


Fact Sheets – African Lovegrass

     African Lovegrass fact sheet

    MEDIA RELEASE – Romance over for Lovegrass

    African Lovegrass Management


Fact Sheet – Weeds to Watch out for

Weeds to watch out for fact sheet – Boneseed, Bridal Veil, Coolatai Grass, Khaki Weed.


Recent Articles from the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan Newsletter

     Coorong and Tatiara Green Army Teams

     Fundamentals behind Resilient Farmers

     Improved Local Weather Station Tool

     Automatic Weather Stations

     Mundulla Common Weed Control

     Short necked Turtles hatch at Narrung

     Silver-leaf nightshade


Article - Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan Native Pasture Trials


Article - Identifying Mallee Emu-wren habitat


Presentations of note

     Dr Peter Boutsalis Herbicide Resistance


Contact Information


Coomandook Ag Bureau Compendium of Agricultural Works  


Tatiara Coorong Local Action Plan - Who we are and what we do


Drought Support Information




Fodder Shrub Rearch

Fodder Shrubs Fact Sheet 1 – Native forage shrubs
Fodder Shrubs Fact Sheet 2 – Native forage shrubs – grazing management
Fodder Shrubs Fact Sheet 3 – Forage shrubs and supplements
Fodder Shrubs Fact Sheet 4 – Forage shrubs as shelter belts and windbreaks
Fodder Shrubs Project Technical Report


Managing Revegetation Handbook                                        




On Grounds Works    


Project Gallery 2015-2016                                                                 


Ration Book Software


Tree Decline Research Project with Federation University


Water Security                                                                          

     Planning Considerations


     On Farm Piping Projects

     Water Harvesting

     Water Leak Detection Devices

     Water Quality and Livestock Health



Water Planning Considerations                                                     

     Calculating Livestock Water Supply Needs

     Tanks and Roof Runoff Fact Sheet

     Coorong District Council - Requirements for Piping Water and Water Harvesting

     Livestock Water Suppliers PIRSA Fact Sheet

     Livestock Water Supplies Planning Considerations

     Regional Hydrogeology Information for Coomandook and Meningie areas


Stabilising Sand


Saltland Pastures