Food Safety


Are you thinking of starting a food business

Persons who conduct a Food Business either from home or at another premise are legally required to notify Council prior to undertaking food activity.

Notification is completed by lodging the Food Business Notification Form to receive your Food Business Notification number. This number covers your food activity for South Australia and only needs to be applied for once unless food activity or business contact details change. Council will forward your Food Business Notification number once received from SA Health.

Food Business Notification Form(164 kb)

For information on food production, packaging, labelling and sales information pertaining to particular food types. Refer to Checklist for Fit-Out Form:

If a food business is transferred to another person or there is a change in the name or address of a food business the proprietor must give written notice to Council within 14 days of the transfer or change.

Food Business Inpsections

Council conducts inspections of food businesses to monitor compliance with the Food Act 2001. Routine inspections can occur at any reasonable time and a fee is be charged in accordance with the Food Act.  

SA Health Food Safety Bulletins