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Moot Yang Gunya Swamp

Moot Yang Gunya Swamp

Rowney Road , Mundulla SA 5270

Moot Yang Gunya Swamp

Management Plan for the Moot Yang Gunya Swamp and Mundulla Common(6854 kb)

Mundulla is fortunate to have significant open space, totalling 110 hectares, as the commons, originally intended to pasture early residents' cows and horses, still surrounding the town.  These areas are Crown lands and under the care and control of Tatiara District Council but are enjoyed for social and recreational purposes by Mundulla residents.  Activities include bike riding, horse riding, bird watching and children's education and play.

The Moot Yang Gunya Swamp on the northern boundary of the town is the largest and most important.  It is approximately 70 ha and is probably the last remaining area of the River Red Gum (eucalyptus camaldulensis) open forest with its huge trees and grassy understory that led to the district being known as the Tatiara, "The Good Country".  In wet years the Nalang Creek flows through the Moot Yang Gunya.  A total of 82 different native species of plant have been identified including 11 listed as rare.   The different species of native mammals having been identified are - Western Grey Kangaroos, Brush Tail Possums (trichosorus vulpecular) and sugar gliders (petaurusbreviceps).  The last two are rare and nocturnal but walkers may well see the resident kangaroos.  

A total of 25 species of birds can be found, all but one - the common house sparrow - are native.  Of particular importance is the near threatened Bush Stone Curlew (burhinus grallarius).  

The Mundulla Show Society runs their cross country section of the "Stockman's Challenge" in this are each year. 

The common on the North Western side of the town is home to a significant area of the Nationally endangered Grey Box Woodland (E. Macrocarpa).  Additional seedlings have been planted but this area is not used for grazing or recreational purposes. 

Walking Track 

A low impact Walking Track has been established through the commons on the eastern and southern commons and this is widely used by residents and visitors.  The track winds its way to a number of interpretive signs explaining the flora and fauna.  Along the track and hiding in the trees are many sculptures, some abstract, some realistic  and others small and whimsical, all adding to the interest for the walker.  A large tree with spreading branches has beomce the local "Faraway Tree" and children are encouraged to climb the logs or shift the blocks to create new trails.

There are more sculptures to be found at the Old Council Chambers, the Soldiers Park and the oval. 


Image courtesy of Marie Clarke

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