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Poocher Swamp

Poocher Swamp

Cannawigara Road , Bordertown SA 5268

Poocher Swamp

The wetlands of Poocher with its mature river red gums and abundant wildlife are the inspiration for many artists and a delight for locals and visitors alike.

Make sure you check out the very large hollowed tree affectionately known as “Pinkie’s Tree”. Located between the main runaway holes the tree once was the home for the Pinkie family.

Follow the track along the north-western side of the swamp to visit the “wash pool”. In the early days before wool was sold to England, the Aboriginal women first washed it in these various pools near station shearing sheds or depot sheds.

The overflow from Poocher Swamp flows westwards along a route which brings into operation a system of unique runaway holes which continue to recharge the underground water supplies. One of these is Scown’s Runaway Hole, 13km west of Bordertown off the Cannawigara Road. In wet winters this spectacular runaway hole can be viewed in action. Despite huge volumes of water pouring in, sometimes for weeks on end, the water level in the holes remains constant.

During the wet season, the population of bird life triples. However, there are many species found at Poocher Swamp amongst the native flora during the drier seasons.

Please note there are no public facilities, so please come prepared to be self-sufficient. 

Image courtesy of Kaster Podiotan.

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