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Tatiara District Council will be holding a drumMUSTER on Tuesday 27 August 2019

Bookings are essential as collection days will be cancelled if there is insufficent bookings.  For bookings please call (08) 8752 0385.

All farm chemical users within the Tatiara District are encouraged to bring their empty, properly cleaned, non-returnable, steel and plastic farm chemical containers to the facility for inspection and collection.  Remember, all drums must be correctly cleaned both inside and out and allowed to drain or air dry to ensure they contain no rinse water (in line with the 
"Agsafe Standard for Effective Rinsing of Farm Chemical Containers".  Brochure available from chemical retail outlets).

Only drumMUSTER containers bearing the drumMUSTER identification logo will be accepted at no charge.  All other containers will attract a disposal fee of 4 cents per litre capacity plus GST.  All lids must be removed and steel drums must be punctured on the bottom.  Unclean or partly filled containers will not be accepted and will remain the property of the chemical user.

Council looks forward to your support in rinsing out, rounding up, and running in all your empty, properly cleaned, non-returnable farm chemical containers.

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