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Poulty provide a source of food and enjoyment for many people.  They are a common feature of backyards in the district and are usually large enough to support a well-maintained enclosure without causing undue offence to neighbours.  However there may be some problems encountered with poorly constructed and maintained enclosures including:

  • Excessive odour
  • Noise, especially from roosters and turkeys
  • Fly breeding and attraction
  • Rat or mouse attraction

Should Council receive a complaint regarding the above problems then an order can be placed on the owner of the animals.  This is usually undertaken after informal discussions in an attempt to remedy the issue have failed.

For more information please click on the fact sheets below:

Poultry Fact Sheet Poultry%20Fact%20Sheet (125 kb)

Rooster Fact Sheet Rooster%20Fact%20Sheet (111 kb) 


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