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For more information click here for a fact sheet.  

Dog Ownership

There are restrictions on the number of dogs which can be kept.  For residential properties located within the township boundaries, the limit is two (2) dogs and for a property outside of the township, the limit is three (3) dogs (working dogs are exempt to this rule).

No person shall, without obtaining the written permission of Council, keep any dog on any premises where the number of dogs on that premises exceeds the limit (unless the premises is an approved kennel establishment).

All dogs should be registered with the Council to ensure that effective dog control can be carried out.  Without dog registrations the Council is unable to provide an effective service.  Your cooperation in registering your dog is the first step towards responsible dog ownership. Registration helps us trace owners of lost dogs!

For more information on responsible dog ownership click here to visit the Dog & Cat Management Board for more information. 

Dog Registrations

All dogs must be registered when they reach three (3) months of age and then re-registered each year on the 1st July with an extended payment period between 1st July and 31st August.  If you purchase or obtain a dog older than three (3) months of age, then you have 14 days in which to register the dog. 

It doesn't matter at what time of the year your first registration is done.  If the dog is not registered in either of these cases, then penalties may apply. 

A dog should wear a collar at all times fitted with their current registration disc.

Dog Registration fees for 2017-2018

The following fees have been endorsed by the Minister and the Dog and Cat Management Board for the 2017-2018 financial year: 


FEE ($)

Standard Dog - Dexexed & Microchipped


Standard Dog - Desexed & Microchipped (Pensioner)


Standard Dog - Working dog - Desexed and Microchipped 


Standard Dog - Working Dog - Desexed and Microchipped (Pensioner)


Non Standard Dog 


Non Standard Dog (Pensioner)


Non Standard Dog - Working Dog


Non Standard Dog - Working Dog (Pensioner)


Business Dog (registration per business dog)


Guide, Hearing & Disability Dogs


Transfer from another Council


Disc Replacement


*Please note all registration fees are GST exempt

Lost or found dogs 

The Council operates a 7-days per week dog control service.  Should you have lost or found a dog, you should contact your local Council Office - either at Bordertown on (08) 8752-1044 or Keith (08) 8755-3347, alternatively you can contact Council's Dog Control Officer, Mr Adrian Packer on 0427 191 755. 

Council also has an 'Impounded Dogs' section on this website you can check should you have lost your dog (please note this service is only updated during normal business hours).

Council By-Law on Dogs

Tatiara District Council has developed a By-Law for the control of dogs within its area. This By-Law defines the limit on dog numbers, dog free areas, dogs on leash areas,dog exercise areas and dog faeces.  A copy of the By-Law can be obtained by clicking on the below file.

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