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The “Bordertown Strategic Bicycle Plan” was prepared on behalf of Tatiara District Council in 1999.  It comprised a comprehensive discussion covering the benefits of cycling, the cycling environment in Bordertown, bicycle network proposals for Bordertown, design construction and maintenance issues, and trip end facilities.  Details of a proposed local area bicycle network were presented as part of the plan, along with specific proposals for mid block and intersection treatments.

The “Local Area Bike Plan for Keith Township” was prepared on behalf of Tatiara District Council in early 2000.  It summarised research and information collected in relation to bicycle use in Keith township, as well as consultation undertaken, then presented a series of bike plan proposals, as well as behavioural programs for educating the community about the use of bike facilities.

Both local area strategic bicycle plans are now over 13 years old and in need of review.  In particular, Council’s achievements in implementing recommendations and priorities contained within the plans needs to be assessed, and the community needs to be re-surveyed in relation to new views about cycling priorities.

With high demands for competing road space from various road transport options, it is considered essential to develop a strategy for now and into the future to ensure all road user groups are safely managed, with an emphasis on sustainability and encouraging more environmentally friendly transport, particularly the use of bicycles.

With funding assistance from the State Bicycle Fund, Council has engaged the services of HDS Australia Pty Ltd, who are road safety and traffic engineering specialists, to develop updated Local Area Strategic Bicycle Plans for Bordertown and Keith.  The project will be undertaken in three stages over the next three months, commencing with a survey of existing bicycle facilities, which is presently underway.

Consultation is an important aspect of this project.  Your councillors have already met with the consultants and identified key issues for consideration.  The accompanying on-line community wide questionnaire is the next step in the consultation process.  Your support in spending 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire is greatly appreciated. Please click here to complete the survey electronically, or alternatively, call into the Council Office to obtain a hard copy of the survey. 

In conjunction with the conduct of key stakeholder focus group and public meetings to be held in mid to late January, this consultation process will ensure that the two communities of Bordertown and Keith are actively involved in the bicycle plan review and update process, resulting in a strong commitment from those communities to see any new plan implemented.



Rob Harkness
Chief Executive Officer
Tatiara District Council

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